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Hi there,

If you’re reading this welcome message and can find your name in the Wordle above, you are enrolled in English 170W, an introduction to literary study, this fall. Welcome! This blog will serve as a virtual space where we’ll meet up, exchange ideas, and extend our class discussions to help make our Tuesday, Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday class rhythm feel as smooth and seamless as possible. Please bookmark this page or add it to your list of favorites so that its easily accessible; you’ll want to check in here multiple times a week.

On the righthand toolbar, you’ll find three pages here where I’ll post key materials for the course: “course readings” (those few not already included in one of the required texts for the class), “writing assignments” (where I’ll post assignment sheets for the two more formal papers), and the “syllabus” page (which is self-explanatory).

On this main page, I’ll post our weekly “prompts,” questions and issues that our rotating cast of weekly bloggers will address (more on that later). You will read their posts and comment on them before each class. For Thursday, EVERYONE will post a response to the first prompt (as opposed to a response to the response). The first prompt will appear above this message after class.

This blog, like our weekly schedule for the course, will probably evolve as we spend time thinking and writing together. (Another reason to check in often.) If you have suggestions about this blog, or thoughts, concerns, or questions about any element of the course, you can reach me most easily at Dominique.Zino@qc.cuny.edu. I am also available every Thursday in my office (Klapper Hall, room 350) from 11 am-1 pm. If you’re not available at that time, feel free to email me to arrange a face-to-face meeting at a different time.

I look forward to an exciting, productive semester with each of you,


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