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Hi all,

AnnMarie Mark and Emina Basic are our main bloggers for this coming week. By Monday at midnight, after reading chapter 8 on Marxist criticism in the Bressler book, they should respond to the following prompt in a two-paragraph post of 500-550 words:

In one paragraph, isolate certain aspects of Marxist criticism that seem similar to other critical lenses we have discussed this semester. Please discuss those similarities. (You may want to use the packet with questions from each critical lens I distributed on Thursday to help you see connections between multiple approaches. Read through all the categories of questions together and leave yourself time to reflect on the assumptions and focus of each type of criticism.)

In a second paragraph, please write a Marxist critique of the passage in The Turn of the Screw that hints at Peter Quint and Miss Jessel’s relationship, beginning at the top of page 58 and going through the end of section 7 (page 59); you may want to re-read sections before and after this as well for additional context.

Commentators should build upon either of the two paragraphs that AnnMarie and Emina have written, adding in their own thoughts about crossover with other lenses or Marxist ways of reading the particular scene in James’s novella, in posts of 150-200 words.

You also have a 2-3 page summary of your cultural artifact due before class this Tuesday; please be sure it is posted in the appropriate Dropbox folder before our Tuesday session. This summary should give both a detailed sense of the plot and main characters in your “text,” assuming that your reader knows little to nothing about it; it should also indicate and describe scenes that seem absolutely essential to understanding this text.  This is NOT an analysis; you are not being asked to apply any one (or more) of the lenses at this point. We’ll discuss your summaries in class on Tuesday, in addition to discussing the quizzes from last week, and covering a basic introduction to Marxist criticism.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of the weekend!




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