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Hi all,

We ended class today with a run-through of the terminology you’ll want to use when crafting a Marxist reading of a text (an approach which some of you may still want to consider using for the cultural artifact paper).  When we reconvene on Tuesday, we’ll be coming back to the terminology on your handout, and spending some time with Bruce Robbins’ Marxist analysis of The Turn of the Screw. Then we’ll think about whether we see any crossover between Marxist criticism and reader-response– something I’ll ask you to write about during class, so please be sure you’ve read Wayne Booth’s “‘He began to read to our hushed little circle’: Are We Blessed or Cursed by Our Life with The Turn of the Screw?” (and the review of reader-oriented criticism that precedes it). 

For now, anyone who would like to blog this weekend will receive extra credit for reviewing the following New York Times Topics site on Occupy Wall Street (a portion of which was distributed in class today) and conducting a Marxist analysis–using the Bressler book and the packet of critical lens questions distributed last week–of the Occupy Wall Street movement: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/organizations/o/occupy_wall_street/index.html?ref=topics

Please keep your analysis to 500-550 words and we will discuss your thoughts at the start of class on Tuesday.

We’ll pick up with our main bloggers as soon as we return from Thanksgiving. Enes and Victoriane (and anyone else whom would like to complete his or her draft early and have it workshopped by the class…) will be posting the first full drafts of the cultural artifact papers by next Monday, November 28th.

Ah, and one last thing! I caught a typo on your assignment sheet for paper 2. The drafts of the cultural artifact paper for anyone submitting at the normal deadline are due on Thursday, December 1st (not Thursday, Nov. 28th…a day that does not exist).

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing you folks again on Tuesday,



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