First drafts of your cultural artifact paper are due Thursday–main bloggers will present their drafts tomorrow

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Hi all,

I hope you feel full and rested after Thanksgiving break. Enes Mrkulic and Victoriane Liz will be our main bloggers for this week. During tomorrow’s session, our aim will be to use the main bloggers’ papers to collectively devise a rubric for the cultural artifact paper (paper 2).  We will treat their papers as our “texts” for the week, discussing how we see the writers applying a particular critical lens and considering what aspects of their approach we might replicate ourselves. If anyone else would like to have their drafts workshopped by the class, please contact me asap and make sure your first draft is in the Dropbox folder by midnight tonight.  

Once the main bloggers have posted their drafts in the Dropbox folder, I will post them here as well. I will then ask all commentators to respond to the drafts by Wednesday at midnight while you compose your own first drafts (to be submitted to Dropbox before Thursday’s class).  I will respond to all drafts posted in Dropbox individually between Thursday night and Saturday.

As you compose, remain aware of your reflections on your process. If you’re not someone who usually steps away from a paper to “incubate” while writing, try to leave a little time to do that–this means starting the paper today (if you have not already) and coming back to it for a couple of hours a day over the next two days. If you find that you settle too quickly on a starting point, try to start writing and then narrow down your starting point (your “perception of the problem”) later on. I’ll ask our main bloggers to say something about their own process when we begin class tomorrow.

Lastly, we’re meeting in I-Building 213 tomorrow afternoon. Please go straight there! (See my email for a reminder about this.)

See you on Tuesday,


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