Collaborative final exam review

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Hi all,

During our last class I mentioned that we would prepare for the final exam by collectively reviewing terminology we’ve discussed over the course of the semester. I’ve listed that terminology below and assigned a few definitions (anywhere from one to three, depending of the complexity of the term) to each of you. Please post your responses by noon on Tuesday so that I can view them before the review session. Also, I invite you to post one question about identifying or applying any critical perspective we’ve discussed this semester underneath your definitions.

Various members of the class have also requested an additional review session. That extra session will be held on Tuesday, December 20th, from 11:30-1 pm. (I will check to make sure our classroom is free at that time.)

Please be careful and thorough as your compile your definitions, as others will be referring to them as they study. If you have not filled in a definition on your handout from class, go back to Bressler’s Literary Criticism to define it. **Note:  the terms that you’ve been assigned appear BELOW your name. Please post your terms as a comment on this post.

Formalism/New Criticism






intentional fallacy

affective fallacy



organic unity

an objective theory of art







central paradox

Reader-response or “Reader-oriented criticism”


transactional experience

efferent reading

aesthetic reading





horizon of expectations


subjective criticism


interpretive community











differance (Derrida)



binary opposition

 New Historicism and Postcolonialism


Foucault’s interpretation of the panopticon

Culture (according to Stephen Greenblatt, Raymond Williams, and Foucault)


counterhistories (Geertz)








Oedipus complex

Lacan’s mirror stage


“the Real” (Lacan)

collective unconscious (Jung)

Feminism and gender criticism





A Vindication of the Rights of Women (Wollstonecraft, 1792)


essentialist approach to gender

constructionist approach to gender






alienation effect (Brecht)

hegemony (Gramsci)



Your assignment for Tuesday, and a look ahead to the end of the semester

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Hi folks,

We have one last push until the end of our semester together.  Here’s what our last three classes will look like.

Tuesday, 12/6: Consolidating the lenses in-class exercise (see requiered written component for exercise below, to be brought into class on Tuesday).

Thursday, 12/8: We’ll be back in a computer lab, Powdermaker Hall 212 this time, when I will give all of you time to work on revising your first papers in class as I come around to answer questions and offer feedback.

Tuesday, 12/13: Final cultural artifact papers are due (to be posted in Dropbox). During this class we’ll review for the final exam. I’ll ask you to come to class with all three of the books we’ve used this semester, with the handouts from each lens we’ve discussed, and with a list of any questions you may have about the texts or the lenses. Prior to this session, I’ll divide the terminology from each unit up among the members of the class and ask you to fill in your assigned terms in a Word document on Dropbox. You can all use this collaborative document to review for the final exam.  If students who are present would like an additional final exam review session after this class and before 12/22, we can arrange that as well.

Thursday, 12/22: The final exam will be held in our classroom from 1:45-3:45 pm. The exam will consist of short answer questions that will require you to do two things: 1) read a few excerpts from critical essays and identify the lens that each essay is using to analyze the text, explaining how you know , and 2) read a few excerpts from Heart of Darkness and The Turn of the Screw and analyze them using particular lenses. (After the final, you may email me for your exam grade.)

I am reading and commenting on your drafts of the cultural artifact paper. Some of you will see the drafts today (Saturday) and others will have to wait until Monday for comments. I have started from the bottom of the alphabetical list this time in order to give first comments to those who received grades last for paper 1.  You will have over a week after receiving comments to revise.

In the meantime, you have an assignment to complete for Tuesday. As it says on the sheet that follows, responses to this exercise should be typed and one hard copy must be brought to class on Tuesday so that you can read from your page and share your response with a group.  This assignment requires you to re-read two of the critical essays in the back of Heart of Darkness and The Turn of the Screw and list the claims each reading makes, followed by the assumptions behind those claims; you’ll use these lists to compare and contrast the approaches the critics are using to read the primary texts. The critical essays we’ve read are challenging; please leave extra time to re-read and think about the two you’ve been assigned for this exercise.  You’ll be evaluated on this exercise and you should also consider it preparation for the final exam. The only way you can “fail” this exercise is not to do it at all.  Here are the directions: Consolidating the lenses, at-home writing and in-class exercise, due 12/6

If you have specific questions, please email me. However, first read the directions carefully. If you attempt to make your lists and want to know whether you have done so correctly, you can share your answers with my via email or stop by Klapper 350 before class on Tuesday.

For next week, Qudsia Rasuli will be our final main blogger. She will share an updated version of her draft with us by Monday at midnight, posting it as a response to this post. Commentators will then respond to Qudsia’s draft using the categories on our rubric (which is posted in the 5-6 page draft folder on Dropbox) by Wednesday, 12/7, at midnight.  Any other bloggers who would like to receive extra credit by posting their drafts should inform me of their intention via email and be sure to post the draft by Monday at midnight.

I have a lot of confidence in what all of you can accomplish in the next two weeks. Have a restful and productive weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday,


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